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Enhance your beauty efforlessly with Permanent Makeup

by Kandy. 

Say Goodbye to daily routines and hello to lasting confidence.

What is PMU

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic process that uses micropigmentation (tattooing) to enhance the color and shape of your facial features. Permanent makeup renders definition and color to eyebrows, eyelids and lips. It can mimic the look of just-applied lipstick, eyebrow pencil and eyeliner, or it can be quite natural, depending upon the design, color value and amount of pigment you choose. In other words, you can opt to simply enhance your natural look or go for something more dramatic.


Why Should I Consider Permanent Makeup?

The most obvious benefit is reducing—or even eliminating—your everyday makeup routines. If you are very active, if you have lost hair or lip color due to aging, medical issues or are sensitive to traditional makeup, permanent makeup is a great option.


How Is Permanent Makeup Applied?

We are specially trained to work with you to determine the best look for your eyelashes, lips or eyebrows. Once we have agreed upon an appropriate look that is complimentary to your facial features, we will apply a numbing product before using a PMU tattoo machine to carefully apply pigment to achieve the desired outcome. The procedure usually takes between 90-120 minutes.

You should expect the area to be slightly swollen immediately after the procedure, or your lash line to be a bit reddened for a few days. At first the color will be a bit strong but will fade to the desired shade as your epidermis forms a new layer. Healing should be complete within a week or two.


How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

Don’t worry! You are not committed for life to the look you choose this year. Duration is influenced by individual factors, including your exposure to sun and your use of skin serums and lotions, which may eventually fade color. Your natural skin tones are also a factor in changing color value over time. Very natural-looking applications will probably require a touch-up before more dramatic ones do.

Generally, however, permanent makeup lasts from between 18 months and three years.

Permanent makeup is a safe, effective and increasingly popular part of the modern beauty regimen. Contact us for a consultation!

Does it hurt?

A topical anesthetic is used before and throughout your application so comfort is our top priority. There is some discomfort involved as it is a tattoo but we have lots of techniques to keep our clients comfortable.

How long will recovery take?

Healing for most services takes around 1 week, but my clients often can go back to work the same day as their appointment. The tattoo will look a little dark the first few days but usually there is minimal swelling or redness of the skin. aftercare information is always supplied to make healing as easy as possible.


about Kandy/BAB.


Meet Kandy, a devoted mother of two and happily married. For 18 years, she adorned faces around the globe as a makeup artist, fostering confidence in her clients. In 2018, Kandy expanded her expertise by becoming certified in cosmetic tattooing, aiming to provide lasting confidence. Now based just outside of Austin, Texas, Kandy operates her enchanting studio within a metaphysical store in the charming town of Georgetown. While she frequently travels to Arizona to serve her clients, Kandy cherishes her spare moments, indulging in antique hunting, family time, and exploring diverse cultures. Passionate about her craft, Kandy treasures the connections she forms with her clients, transforming them into lasting friendships.


Thank you for stopping by and getting to know me, my name is Kandy and I’m the owner and artist of Badass Beauty Salon. Permanent makeup has become my passion, and is so rewarding, I have the opportunity to give other’s an extra little boost of confidence. Each new client I meet is the beginning of a relationship, as we work together discussing which style of permanent makeup fits perfect for THEM! 

Perfecting my skill is important to me as well as providing my client’s a tailored service, because we all know eyebrows are not one-size-fits-all.   Since becoming certified in 2018,  I have completed many more trainings from artists I admire, to really create my own individual style, I now offer powder brows, eyeliner, lip blushing, Scar revision and tattoo removal. 


I have worked in the Beauty Industry for over 20 years! After graduating college with multiple makeup diplomas in the U.K. I Moved to the US and travelled as a makeup artist for many years before realizing I could combine my 2 favorite things, makeup and tattoo’s! I continued my education throughout the years and now proudly run a 


With over 5 years of permanent makeup experience I pride myself on having a strong knowledge of color theory and artistry, taking on some of the most difficult corrections and also offering PMU removal when required. 

Being a part of this Industry has offered me many opportunities and really fulfilled my artistic nature and desire to connect with others,  I’m very much looking forward to welcoming you to the BadAss Beauty family!



Permanent Makeup



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Please be respectful of my time.

No refunds are given under any circumstances.  

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