Seeing angel number 777 indicates that you are aligned with the Universe's energy and are ready to receive blessings, miracles, good fortune, happiness, abundance, and great opportunities!

This 18” adjustable necklace features Peach Moonstone and Selenite Crystals.

Peach Moonstone cultivates a sense of safety and a willingness to be vulnerable in a healthy relationship. It soothes, worry or anxiety, and brings out the best in people. Peach Moonstone helps teach the value of patience. Magical Powers: ~ Peach Moonstone helps develop intuition and clairvoyance.

With a coloring as pale as the flutter of angel wings, the Selenite Stone is awash in otherworldly wonder. Instantly soothing, Selenite has a long history of being a beloved goddess stone and is said to bring protection, harmony, and soul healing to your body, mind, and home.

777 Angel number peach moonstone and selenite necklace