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Labradorite and Gold Rutile Quartz pendant, set in sterling silver with earthy mushrooms and floral detail. Any style chain can be added.

These 2 stones go together like peanut butter and jelly, read on to find out more…

Labradorite allows our innate magical powers to surface. It enhances the mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, telepathy, prophecy, and coincidence control, and assists in communication with higher guides and spirits in accessing Akashic records, psychic readings, and past-life recall. It provides an ease in moving between these worlds, and permits a safe and grounded return to the present.

Golden Rutilated Quartz quickens the process of manifestation, intuition, emotional catharsis, psychic opening, consciousness expansion, and inter-dimensional travel. It assists us in attuning to our Higher Self and helps us know if someone or situation is not serving us.

This pendant was handmade with love and will be available to purchase at

Astral travel pendant

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