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High quality Smokey Quartz double tower in the house!

This beauty just arrived and is heading to the shop next week!

First dibs for my online family tho, this Smokey is so clear and is quite honestly…. Perfect 😍

Just over 2lbs, 6 inch tall by 4 inch wide, a beautiful rich warm brown and full of very light whispy inclusions.

This baby holds beautiful energy and is going to be a great addition to anyone’s collection ✨✨✨


For emotional wellbeing, smoky quartz properties help lift the veil of depression and bring emotional calm to your spirit and soul. Smoky quartz helps you to release, purify, and shed negative energies. Free of these emotional toxins, you’ll vibrate at a higher frequency with the harmony of your mind, body, and spirit

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Smokey Quartz Double Tower

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